Goku is the main Protagonist of Dragon Ball Z created by Akira Toriyama Goku is a Saiyan a alien race and has a son Gohan his wife is Chi-Chi. In dragon ball z one piece fan crossover Goku is best friends with Monkey D Luffy and is Co captain of the Straw hat pirates.Goku also has a son Gohan who is in One Piece fan crossover so is his wife Chi-Chi. Goku is a Chi User which means he can controll his chi and shoot energy blasts.



Statistics (not for dragon ball z but for One Piece DBZ crossover)
Full Name Son Goku
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates (co captain)
Occupations: Pirate Captain
Epithet: Straw Hat Luffy (麦わらのルフMugiwara no Rufi)
Creator / owner Akira Toriyama

14 Chapter 1

27 current

Bounty 30,000,000 (the same as Luffy)

Gohan (son) Bardock (father)

Chi-Chi (wife)

Monkey D Luffy (lifelong Best friend)

Grandpa Gohan (Adoptive Grandfather)

Ox-King (father in law)

Race Saiyan