"he must have eat the Devil Fruit!!!!!!" said Morgan "what do you mean Captain" said a Marine "This kid ate a Devil Fruit Devil Fruit users have the ability to create Tsunamis or control fire!!!! this kid has super stretch powers he can stretch his body were ever he wants!!!! i don't give a shit kill them!!!!!!" said Morgan "i ate the Gum Gum Fruit im a rubber man!!!! the join my Pirate Crew and ill untie you!!!!!!!!!!!" said Luffy "fine!!! me and Piccolo will join but on one condition i have my own goal which is two become the greatest swordsmen!!!!" said Zoro remembering his promise to his dear friend Kuina "yeh!!!!!" said Luffy who untied Zoro "get down every one duck!!!! Gum Gum No Muchi!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Luffy stretching his leg out super far and kicking all of the Marines in the air "wow!!!!!" screamed Koby "hhehehee!!!" thought Goku "Piccolo let me take these guys" said Zoro "whatever you got yourself into this situation" said Piccolo. Luffy charged full speed at Morgan and yelled Gomu Gomu no Pistol!!!!!!!!" Luffys fist stretched out super far and hit Morgans ax who blocked it Luffy jumped into the air and Morgan slammed his ax into the ground creating a rip in the ground Luffy did a flip in the air "im going to defeat you rubber boy!!!! i am the great Marine Captain Ax Hand Morgan!!!!" yelled Morgan "and im gonna show you the power of a rubberman!!!!" said Luffy "Gomu Gomu no Pistol!!!!!!!" screamed Luffy as he stretched out his arm super fast and punched Morgan in the face hard Morgan went flying into the ground defeated the rest happened Heimpoo tried to shoot Koby Luffy defeated him then Zoro slashed down Morgan. Koby said his goodbyes to Goku and Luffy.

The four set sail on the small ship they had Monkey D Luffy the Rubberman!!! Goku the boy with the tail!!!! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro!!! Demon King Piccolo!!!!!!.

To Be continued